VEGA is a very contemporary take on a music venue. They wanted zero tacky Coors Light neon signs, no ripped up upholstery, no battered PA that barely worked. When I was first approached by the VEGA crew about branding their venue, I knew immediately what sort of approach I wanted to take. My main source of inspiration came from the history of star Vega, a celestial body named after a Greek tale involving the lyre of Orpheus. The strings of this heavenly instrument are subtly referenced by the parallel lines that form the central V shape. This V-shape is instantly recognizable as VEGA, and not any other font or triangle shape. I decided that the VEGA typography itself would be simple, clean, and modern. Blacks and whites. Straight lines. Geometric shapes.  The end result is a logo that that is as clean, modern and cool as the venue itself.

Photography: JJ Dreier, Rhett Muller, Will Stott