Today is officially the most American holiday of all…the infamous BLACK FRIDAY! So, in lieu of getting in a fistfight with a stranger or trampled to death in a Walmart, I suggest that you stop by my webstore instead!

This year I’m offering my simplest and best Black Friday sale ever! Spend $50 (before shipping costs) and get ANY poster you want for free. Seriously, anything and everything is up for grabs! This is the perfect time to pick up a gift for your mama, your favorite teacher, your mailman, your current crush, or even yourself. The sale runs from November 29th until December 3rd.

When you check out at the webstore, simply leave a note with your desired poster and it’ll be at your home before you even know it!

My buddies over at Dribbble recently sat down with me to find out what’s been keeping me busy, so I gave them a sneak peek into my lair. Stop by and check it out if you want the lowdown on all the hot gossip!

If you swing by the Communication Arts Exhibit page, you’ll find a swell little write up about the canned cocktails that I designed for Amalga Distillery, as well as a brief interview about the concepts and decisions that went into the design. I think it’s worth a read, if you’re interested in that sort of nerdy designy stuff!