My buddies over at Dribbble recently sat down with me to find out what’s been keeping me busy, so I gave them a sneak peek into my lair. Stop by and check it out if you want the lowdown on all the hot gossip!

If you swing by the Communication Arts Exhibit page, you’ll find a swell little write up about the canned cocktails that I designed for Amalga Distillery, as well as a brief interview about the concepts and decisions that went into the design. I think it’s worth a read, if you’re interested in that sort of nerdy designy stuff!

A while ago, the good folks at Big Cartel followed me around with a bunch of cameras, documenting all the weird stuff that I do as part of my weird job, kind of like a trippy Planet Earth, but with less David Attenborough and more spooky music. I drew some stuff! I walked around a forest! I even played some synths! They just posted the full film, so you should check it out if you wanna see what a day in my life is like. I am beyond impressed with the creativity that Travis Barron and Sarah Kue brought to the video, and am getting a little misty eyed about how well it turned out!