I am super excited to learn that my recent “Mystic Castle” art print was accepted to Society of Illustrators in the “Uncommissioned Work” category! I clearly remember spending maybe fifteen seconds to scribble the idea in my sketch book while parked at a rest area somewhere in the middle of nowhere between Omaha and Portland, where it then sat for a year and a half before I finally decided to actually finish it. Special thanks to my friends at Industry Print Shop for their amazing print job!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that I have officially joined the roster of Scott Hull Associates. Scott reps a ridiculously talented group of illustrators and painters and scribblers and drawers, so you’d better believe that I am flattered to be included! This partnership means a whole wealth of opportunities to draw weird and wonky and colorful shit for a whole lotta new people and companies. I worked up this little garden-ized version of the Scott Hull logo as my way of saying hello!

CONSUMER WARNING! If you happen to crack open the Fall 2017 issue of HOW Magazine, you might be startled to notice a familiar face staring back at you. Holy moly! It’s me! The kindly folks at HOW Design invited me to talk at some length (six full pages!) about self promotion and just how in the holy hell people actually find work in this day and age. The front cover promises “insider secrets” but I think I mostly just talked about being too dumb to quit at anything. Infinite thanks to Chris Jalufka for his patience with sorting through my stupid ramblings and to Hattie Watson for making me look slightly less of a stooge than usual.