It seems like only days ago, but it was somehow an entire year ago today that I laid my old Doe Eyed moniker to rest and launched my rebrand. It’s been a hell of an exciting year and I can’t wait to see what happens in year two! Y’all can celebrate with me by taking 33% off all orders in my webstore for the today only* with the promo code “ITSMYPARTY”.

*February 16th, 2017

Science has proven incontrovertibly that there is no better method for covering one’s body than a tshirt. That’s why I’ve decided to close the year out with a BUY ONE SHIRT, GET A SECOND SHIRT FOR FREE sale! Simply use the code “TEASESHIRT” and I’ll add an extra random tshirt of the same size to your order for absolutely free. Head on over to either my Eric Nyffeler webstore or my old Doe Eyed webstore and find your favorite pieces of brightly colored fabric!

You know what? I’ve never known how “Black Friday” got its name, and to be honest, I don’t really care enough to look it up. I guess it doesn’t really matter what a giant sale is called as long as you can buy a giant TV for $20! Well, I don’t have any giant TVs for sale, but I do have a bunch of colorful t-shirts, prints, and posters for super cheap! From Thursday morning until the night of Monday the 28th, use the code “RAINBOW” to get 30% off your ENTIRE ORDER! Stock up for the holidays or stock up for yourself…it’s all good!