After being a fan for as long as I can remember, I was THRILLED to finally contribute to the 10x project, which featured thirty-three of the raddest and most inspiring designers creating illustrated versions of their top ten albums of the year! Drawings about music and talking about music! What more could I possibly wish for?! Head over to the website to ogle the full project and find the best new albums that you might have missed this year. Thanks so much to head honchos Eric Mortenson and Skinny Ships for setting up this whole party!

Well, it’s Black Friday and my flat files are literally overflowing and in danger of toppling over and crushing me to death, so it seems time for a bonkers clearance sale! For every print that you purchase, I will throw in THREE random gigposters and/or art prints FOR FREE. That is FOUR prints for the price of ONE. WHAT?! I know that sounds crazy, but I am desperate for space and I need to make some room for all the new stuff I have in the works! Help me help you! PLEASE DON’T LET ME DIE LIKE THIS!


This sale lasts until the midnight on Monday, November 26th.


Head over to my webstore and get perusing!



Once every thousand years or so, I am actually able to collect together a selection of my recent work and share it as, what I dub, the Occasionaly-Quarterly Newsletter. Well, today appears to be one of those rare days because I just published a look back on my last half a year or so of work! If you are interested in seeing an overview of what I’ve been up to, point your browser here and check out some of my recent colorful images!

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